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Bird Housing

On this page you will find information about our standard and custom bird housing, including aviaries, bird rooms (usually custom-made), bird tables, nest boxes, duck and goose houses and nest boxes.

Many of these are cusomised to suit a particular location but some are from our standard range.


Aviaries and Bird Rooms
We have a standard range of aviaries called the Crowfield Range. These are of a craftsman-made quality, all have safety porches to stop birds from escaping, are constructed from pressure-treated timber throughout, with corrugated Onduline roofs and the outside flights have transparent roofing. In addition we have another range of patio aviaries.

An example of the Crowfield Aviary range


This is one of our Patio Aviaries

A large, custom-designed and built bird room with shots of the interior shown below.

Bird Tables Dovecote and Nest Boxes
We have an exclusive, specially designed bird table with a covered hexagonal platform, constructed from pressure-treated painted wood, mounted on a heavy-duty post which must be erected in a suitable hole. These are substantial bird tables, built to last (capped with lead and a finial) and stand about 8 tall.

Price: Painted, and ready for customer erection 350
         Cost for us to erect is dependent on your location - please ask.


Two of our bird tables under construction


Our nest boxes range from tit/sparrow boxes through thrush/flycatcher boxes to owl boxes.



Duck/Goose Houses and Nest Boxes
As well as customised houses and nest boxes we have a vairety of standard ranges to suit all sizes of birds.

Our Oakley range (see here) 145 treated, 195 painted



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